Statement: Pegida UK launch plans

Joint cross-party statement on claims that Tommy Robinson (former EDL leader) is planning to launch his new organisation with a rally in Birmingham next year

“On the day that Birmingham was formally awarded City of Sanctuary status (December 4), it was disappointing to hear of the plans for the launch of a new anti-Islamic far-right group.

“Birmingham is a city that has a proud history of tolerance, cohesion and integration – with people from around the world of all faiths and heritage welcome to make their home here.

“Brummies do not subscribe to ideas based on prejudice, intolerance and hate. That is why the planned launch of a new group in Birmingham is rejected by the council.

“The best way to demonstrate this is for everyone to go about their normal business on February 6 as a very public exhibition of what makes Birmingham great.”

  • Cllr John Clancy – Leader of Birmingham City Council (Labour)
  • Cllr Robert Alden – Leader of the Conservative Group, Birmingham City Council
  • Cllr Paul Tilsley CBE – Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Birmingham City Council

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