Let’s be a city that says thank you

Why it’s important to say thanks to the army of people who improve the lives of their fellow Brummies.

Who knows how many words I’ve said and written since becoming the leader of Birmingham City Council on 1 December?

But I think I do know the two most powerful words I’ve uttered in my new role:

‘Thank you’

Just two words (eight letters) that can lift people and show them how much their efforts are appreciated.

Cllr John ClancyI count myself lucky to have met countless people in my new role: Government ministers, faith leaders, police chiefs, senior health figures, business leaders and more. They all have a role to play in the future of our great city and they’re the ones who will grab the headlines.

But we must not forget the ordinary people whose contribution to Birmingham life is just as important, the carers, the community groups and volunteers who make such a difference to the lives of their fellow Brummies.

I certainly value the contribution of this army of amazing people and I’m sure every person reading this could name someone who deserves to hear those two words: ‘thank you’.

Now I’d like to know: Who are the Brummies you want to say ‘thank you’ to? Who deserves recognition for making a difference to the lives of others in our great city?

I’d love us to be the city that says ‘thank you’

It’s a small gesture, I accept that, but I’ve seen at first-hand the powerful and positive impact those eight letters can have.

Please don’t misunderstand this appeal. I’m fully aware that my job is to do things. Talk is cheap and the job of this council is to change things for the better and improve the lives of people across our great city.

But, in addition to shaping policies, funding and improving services, I think we have a responsibility to highlight the best of our city and say those two magic words to the people who make a positive difference every day.

So I’d like to say ‘Thank you’ and I would like to know the people you would say ‘thank you’ to.

Please reply below or tweet using the hashtag #BrumThanksYou

Oh and ‘thank you’ for reading this post.

This blog first appeared on Birmingham Updates on 10 February 2016

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