Syrian refugees update


I was very pleased and indeed honoured to respond to the Citizens UK request that Birmingham City Council should agree to accept as part of our community in this city 500 Syrian refugees – 100 a year – from UN refugee camps.

I was also pleased that the leader of the opposition in Birmingham, Cllr Robert Alden, agreed with me that this is exactly what we should do as a city. This shows the unity in our city across parties with regards to welcoming refugees to become Syrian Brummies.

I think that’s the Birmingham way. I think we’re opening our arms wide to those who are fleeing terror, fleeing places where there’s a tremendous amounf of destruction and despair.

This is the right thing for Birmingham to do. It’s a sign of our strength as a city – both the strength of our generosity and the strength of our economy – that we can accomodate this.

But it is a challenge to make sure that we are looking after all Brummies. In meeting the housing needs of refugees coming to our city, we should also look to meet the housing needs of Brummies already here. So that challenge becomes an opportunity.

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  1. Perhaps you should solve the problem of your existing homeless before attempting to rehouse the rest of the world.


    • Terence
      Housing is a huge priority for this city council and I’ve made it clear we must go from building hundreds of homes a year to building thousands. But I believe it is possible to take that approach and be a caring, compassionate city of sanctuary for those fleeing terror.
      We can and will do both.


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