Introducing our new ambassadors stepping up for Birmingham

Since becoming leader of Birmingham City Council, I’ve made clear the importance of leaders across the city.

Birmingham is a city of leaders, from the business world, to faith leaders and people who work tirelessly in communities and neighbourhoods.

We also have many leaders – not just me – at Birmingham City Council.

My cabinet colleagues lead, I want the new Assistant Leaders to lead (the clue is in the name) and of course backbench councillors have the opportunity to step up for their communities.

As a council we have four main priority areas:

  • children
  • jobs and skills
  • housing
  • health

But of course there are many more specific areas of huge importance to the people of this city, so to help my cabinet deliver; I’ve appointed ten new ambassadors to focus on specific issues.

These ambassadors will work with cabinet members on the following issues:

  • Armed Forces – Mike Sharpe
  • Youth – Kerry Jenkins
  • Young Adults Careers & Skills – Mariam Khan
  • Pensions Fund – Changese Khan
  • Dementia – Fiona Williams
  • Third Sector – Basharat Dad
  • Addressing Rough Sleeping & Homelessness – Sharon Thompson
  • Trade – Nawaz Ali
  • Free Schools Meals – Martin Straker Welds
  • Young People’s Travel – Eva Philips

I’ve said many times that the future of this city must be a common endeavour. We must work together for the best possible outcome and we must focus on the issues that matter most to the people of Birmingham.

The ten councillors listed above will act as champions for their chosen specialist subject and I have no doubt they will play a key role in assessing and shaping the way forward. They will also work closely with partners across the city and I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot from them.

I’d also like to extend an invitation to each ambassador to write about his or her area of responsibility. I’m always happy to publish guest blogs here from leaders across the city, so watch this space.

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